Investing in Real Estate

"Hunt Investments Group" is an investment company specializing in bank foreclosure properties in New Jersey and Florida for flipping in order to get profits for each investor.
The company specializes in investments in US real estate market, in desirable locations, and has experience in achieving maximum returns for investors, with collateral and guarantees.
Our uniqueness and distinction is reflected in locating assets in the United States through banks and off Market deals in at least 30% below market price, in demanded locations in the US, which gives the investor the opportunity to be the first in the food chain to profit from the return.

The company has an additional activity that also provides a solution for investors interested in investments in southern Israel: Beer Sheva, Dimona, and Yeruham:

Leading In Leveraging Equity in the US

Our company leads by leveraging equity to US investment investors with full confidence and high return. Our product is unique: the day you bought a property you earned! This is a unique investment. Purchasing of US property is through US banks in areas of demand and growth is at 30% below the market price – redevelopment, sale/rental, for yield/profit.

The investment is through the full support of a trustee in Israel and a lawyer in the United States for legal counsel in the United States.
A trustee in the United States accompanies the investor throughout the legal process with the bank, including legal liability and the receipt of DEED in the name of the investor and TITLE INSURANCE.

The investment process for the investor: buying an asset below the market price through the bank, renovating the property, selling or renting, creating profit from the sale or rental yield

The properties are mainly private homes and apartments, in the following areas: New Jersey (Central), South Florida.

These are areas without crime, demanded areas, with average socioeconomic status .The unique model in Israel: On the day you bought – you earned!

Locating Assets And Invseting

The company locates an investment for the investor and presents the investor with a complete business plan, which includes comprehensive examinations, reliability and professionalism both on-line, the state of the asset, the value of the asset, the value of the property after renovation, the related costs and the period of the investment.

Since these are very attractive transactions, the duration of the decision is on a short-term concrete asset.

We have been in business for 3 years and have developed over Dozens properties.
We provide investors with unique and short term investment opportunities in the US, with full transparency, high yields, and real estate security, starting at $ 250,000, with full legal counsel from Ne’eman in Israel and the USA .

Real Estate Investment Period

Short term (Up to 12 months) – FLIP – Investment for the purpose of quick sale: Purchase of assets (houses/apartments) through banks under market price – renovation and sale of the property, for profit

About Meital Hadar

Meital Hadar is the owner of Hunt Investments Group –   Real estate investment company in the US through banks.
Founder and co-CEO of the Magshimim, founder and owner "marketing solutions,"  a  leading digital advertising company, accompanied by a real estate business and investments.

contact: | (908) 5740090

 About Assaf Hadar

Assaf Hadar is a partner in a real estate investment company  "Hunt Investment Group"  – Has extensive experience in advising in  sales, marketing and business development to investment and real estate companies in Israel and abroad

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If you are looking for a way to leverage your equity with real estate security and high returns, with an emphasis professionalism, service, reliability and full transparency, we will be happy to accompany you